As a Trainer at the Houston Public Library Community Engagement Team, when Clementina Nunez isn't tricking kids into learning engineering and coding with LEGO Robotics or presenting ESL Workshops, she can be sometimes seen in the TXRX Labs Woodshop. We were lucky enough to catch her in the midst of her cutting giant piles of wooden boards to talk to her.

What project are you working on at TXRX Labs?

I have been working on creating different project pieces in preparation for the Houston Public Library's annual day camp called Camp STREAM. The students will be making their own chess gameboards, glockenspiel (musical instrumental) and art pieces using math.


What inspired you to make then teach students woodworking at CampSTREAM?

I can say that in some instances this is a real life math connection for students as they have been learning the concepts. So I wanted to give students the chance to get a new skill set in a fun and diverse way.


How many chessboards and glockenspiel templates did you have to cut?

That is a good question...I cut 210 set pieces to make glockenspiels, 218 chessboard set's and 72-10x10 squares.


Do you enjoy other creative endeavors? If so what are they?

For a little bit I had picked up on cross stitching which uses math and pattern recognition. I think the next thing I want to work with is ceramics.