Welding I: MIG

Master metal fabrication with this workshop for beginners. MIG welding (GMAW) is one of the easiest and versatile welding processes, perfect for working with materials up to ⅜” when producing sculptures, furniture, mechanical assemblies, etc.

Class will cover welding safety, machine setup, tack welding, MIG theory, laying beads, groove and fillet welds, along with basic weld inspection and troubleshooting.

Each class is limited to 8 participants to allow for personalized instruction and practice. All Personal Protective Equipment (Helmets and Gloves) are provided.

You do not need to be be a member to participate.

TXRX members gain access to Welding Shop Studio Hours after completion of the course.

Requirements: Closed toed shoes, long sleeve shirt and long pants (denim or natural fibers) with no holes

Prerequisites: N/A

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