Private Events and Classes
TXRX Labs is equipped to host a variety of events and private classes. Book your next party or team building activity with us!
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Events can by customized, but here's a handy guide for time and participant numbers.
Wood Shop
Times |  Full Day (8 hours w/ lunch break) or Two 3 hour sessions per day
Guests |  Works well with up to 12 people or two larger groups
Welding Shop
Times |  3-6 hour class
Guests |  Equipment allows for 6-8 people to weld without too much downtime
3D Printing/Laser Cutting
Times |  2-3 hours social/light hands-on w/ 3D scanned and printed "selfie" - 4 hour full class instruction and 3D Printing
Guests |  up to 20/+ for shorter class, max 15 for full class
Hnd Lettering | Sewing | Jewelry Making | Shibori Dyeing
Times |  3-5 hour classes
Guests |  up to 10
Screen Printing
Times |  1 hour social/light hands-on printing and pre-made screen - 5 hour full class with DIY screen
Guests |  up to 15 for shorter class, max 15 for full class