To become a member, subscribe to one of the membership levels below. Access to the lab is granted after you have attended a new member orientation, signed a liability waiver, and agree to abide by all lab policies. To begin work, you must take the appropriate classes or pass a check-out for the tools or shops you'd like to use. Cost for check-out session varies by area. Safety training must be completed within 2 months of sign up.

All Access Membership

Hacker $90/month

  • Includes all benefits of a Tinkerer level membership
  • Unrestricted access to all of TXRX 7 days a week (during business hours).

Maker (for-profit) $250/month

  • Includes all benefits of a hacker membership.
  • For for-profit usage of lab equipment.
  • Contact to apply.

EEMH Tenant $215/month

  • For for-profit usage of lab equipment.

Interns Membership

Table Membership

Non-Tool Membership

TXRX Supporter $10/month

  • Support the endeavors of TXRX Labs.
  • Free access to Lab talks and events.
  • Access to the TXRX Labs private email list.