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Want to Volunteer At TXRX Labs?

Shop Docents
Are you experienced in Woodworking, Welding, 3D Printing, Laser Cutting, Ceramics, Jewelry, or Screen Printing? TXRX Labs is looking for volunteer Shop Docents to supervise our shops on weekends.
This is a new monitoring system, with the goal being that eventually all the shops and labs will be monitored at all times during open hours. Your primary task is to keep an eye on members to make sure they are using equipment safely and appropriately. You have the authority to intervene if necessary. Your secondary task is to help out. Some members may need design/build assistance or need to check out tools or equipment from the checkout cabinet. These tools must be kept organized and returned to the cabinets when done. Finally, Docents should do a general sweep/clean of their space, empty dust collectors, put away tools, and ensure that all members are also cleaning up after themselves. If interested, volunteers may also take part in additional shop maintenance (checking the conditions of the machines, lubricating equipment, and alerting the shop manager either by text or email if parts need to be serviced or replaced). Docents may work on their own projects during their shift only after opening checklist is completed, as long as they are available to help when needed.
  • Experience in shop area you are applying for, familiarity with TXRX rules and shop culture
  • Should be available to monitor 2 (or more) shifts per month
  • Must be available on weekends
  • Free Membership
  • Free Classes