Here's an update from rtavk3 about all the cool stuff happening around TX/RX Labs lately:

Summer is almost over but even with the heat lots of cool stuff has been happening down at the lab. Here is an update for those of you who missed out due to vacations, etc.!

  • We are expanding member rental areas due to high demand. Good news since it means more cool folks and projects.
  • Art Car Houston is running some great Art Classes in conjunction with us which will culminate in a group Art Car Build for this year's Parade!
  • We have begun preparations for this Winter's Session of Classes. If you have interest in teaching email soon!
  • The members authorized some changes to the dues structures to allow for more tinker times and also to encourage more efficient space usage.
  • The shop air lines and sand blasting area are almost done!
  • Our new Shop manager will be starting on Sept 1st, this will mean extended tinker times and lots of other good stuff. More info soon to follow.
  • We are in early talks with the Children's Museum about partnerships that will help extend the Maker Corps project they had over the summer. This will mean volunteer and other great opportunities.
  • Rice University art Dept has agreed to do an Artist in Residence Program during the fall/winter, with an exhibition of the created works at the lab.
  • We have been tapped to serve as 3D printing advisers to the C-STEM organization and competition sponsored by Shell.
  • Jeremy Built A wall of hack box!!!!!!!
  • Bill Swann is nearing completion on his solar tracker array install. Hopefully we will all go get to check it out once it is done.
As always more cool stuff is in the works so see you again next month.