On April 3rd, it was shared with the group that we may have a space in the works…. The deal is not done as of this time, but should hear something back soon.

Its an older 30,000 sq ft warehouse that we would be able to secure at least 15,000 of it. Rent would be in the range of 1250 a month as it stands now….but is subject to change.

If we are able to secure this location, we would have alot of work to do to get it built out for our wants and needs.

Dark video: (no power in the facility)


Slide Show of outside:


From watching the video at 1/2 speed a couple times I came up with this very preliminary current floor plan of the ground level building….scale isn’t even close ![:)](http://cyberchuck-video.homeip.net/txrx/wp- includes/images/smilies/icon_smile.gif)

1st floor Buliding 1

2nd floor Building 1

Keep your fingers crossed ![:)](http://cyberchuck-video.homeip.net/txrx/wp- includes/images/smilies/icon_smile.gif)