We had another successful and productive meeting last night…. AND we have a real space now!

Technology Collective of Houston
4820 Caroline St.
Houston, Tx, 77004

Phone number to come soon.

We have added 10 members to the membership roster with an additional 5 pledged to join next week at the weekly meeting.

A list of Needed Items and Wanted Items was made and we are currently prioritizing the list and hope to start acquiring the NEEDED items as soon as possible. The list has already made it to the WIKI and I am sure it will be updated a few times.

Also a membership group/mail list will be set up with the details on the space including access information as well as Member events and other space related information.

Here are a few pics that were taken last night.


We will be cleaning, painting, building, etc at the space the next few upcoming weeks so check back for more photos and information.