It’s official, the Intro to Arduino class was a huge success. I received nothing but positive feedback from the first class, so he were go with round two. The class is currently scheduled for 07/26/2009.

Please help us make this event as successful as the first one. Spread the word, tell your friends, invite your relatives, anyone you think might benefit from this class (everyone!).

I will be making many changes to this class from the feedback that I received in the first class. The changes will include both new hardware, different hardware and new code.

Intro to Arduino

This is an introduction to the physical computing platform known as the Arduino. In this class we will be assembling our own Arduino clone on a standard hobby breadboard and doing several simple coding examples. Examples will include blinking LEDs, PWM, switch debouncing and reading analog signals.

This is the first class in a series of classes using the Arduino platform. All students will receive a set of parts upon arrival that are theirs to keep. These parts, once assembled, will be a fully functional Arduino clone that will be used in future lessons such as motor/servo control and advanced programming.

A laptop is required for this course. In order to speed up the beginning of class, please make sure you have downloaded the following item.


Mac OS X