Impervious to lightning and blue shells.

Stephen Cameron looks like he’s been having more fun than a barrel of Donkey Kongs building and riding his cyclekart.

Per, “Cyclekarts are small, lightweight, nimble machines made by their drivers for the pursuit of motoring sport. They’re not serious speed-machines or status-generating show cars. They’re purely for the gritty fun and satisfaction of tearing around in a machine you’ve built yourself.”

Steve’s cyclekart is a plywood-bodied, adult-sized go-kart fitted with 17-inch

My other car is a kart.

motorcycle wheels and powered by a 6.5 HP Honda 4-stroke engine driving a single rear wheel through a torque converter and chained sprocket. A single rear disc brake connected to one wheel provides the stopping power.

You can see a video of Steve’s cyclekart in action here.

For more info and to get in touch with the builder, email stephenmcameron [at] gmail [dot] com.