TXRX member and volunteer, John H., recently constructed a desk at TXRX that is now installed at Primate Jiu Jitsu in Tulsa. The desk he designed and fabricated turned out really well and is an excellent example of what can be done with the tools available at TXRX. John utilized multiple TXRX areas and also got a little help from the TXRX community along the way including staff members Joyce, Sanjay, and Chris. Many of the skills he used were acquired by taking TXRX workshops and then using his own projects as practice.

After visiting the jiu jitsu studio owned by his daughter and her husband, John saw that they needed to add something to the reception area to make it more interesting. He decided to design a desk that would incorporate the theme of Primate Jiu Jitsu, and be interesting and functional. He used the skills he learned in TXRX's Fusion 360 workshop to generate computer drawings for his intended design, a primate desk using a slotted construction technique. Then, he created a small scale prototype using a laser cutter in the rapid fabrication area. Here, he used skills Megan taught him in rapid fabrication classes.


Next, he began working with the CNC Router to cut out the pieces for his final design using three-quarter inch maple plywood. This was John's second project using the CNC Router after taking the CNC Router workshop taught by Roland. Finally, he used the wood shop and spray booth to stain the desk and assembled it. Because he designed the desk used slotted construction, he was able to break it into smaller pieces so it could be transported to Tulsa. Great work John!!