There are new developments in the welding shop!! If you’ve taken a peek in the welding area at TXRX recently, you’ve likely seen the cage that Sanjay, our welding instructor and shop manager, has been constructing. The cage will offer better order and efficiency for the welding area.

Sanjay has been working on the cage over the past couple months as time allows. He is using repurposed metal tubing and expanded metal to build the cage, which is almost twelve feet long. Sanjay said that he has been developing the plan for the cage as he goes and is done with the exterior. He now plans to expand the cage’s interior by adding bins and hooks, so that it will hold all the hand tools and equipment from the metal shop. Ultimately, the cage will help the welding shop stay organized. Stop by the welding shop and take a look if you want to see Sanjay’s excellent craftsmanship!