After reviewing feedback from classes and talking with members we have decided to begin offering studio time sessions. The session will be targeted times to work on a personal project or a instructor provided project and get feedback and assistance from an expert in that area. This will allow folks to become more skilled at specific tools and techniques and learn in areas beyond what we are able to offer in the classes.

Studio times will be offered in: Machining Welding Leatherworking Metalsmithing(Jewelry) Woodworking Sewing Electronics Web Development Programming and more!

This is the perfect time to get that hands on experience you need or to get that project you keep meaning to get done finally completed. Read more about these studios on our website:

Studio times are 4 weekly sessions of about 2 hours each where an expert in the area guides you through your own project. Students must have completed introductory courses to be proficient on the equipment, these sessions are meant to build experience and mater your technique. Individuals who don't have a project but still would like to practice can choose from an instructor determined project.