Howdy, a little late but better than never...

Fall is coming so the nice weather will be the perfect time to get into the shop and get some serious work done. Lets see what has been happening and what is upcoming at the lab.


-I noticed the robotics club that meets on Sundays got their telepresence bot running as it was driving around just this Sunday during the open house. -Completed some updates on the plasma table to move the power and estop to the pedant and also link the drive power into the control system. -Finished all the build out in the new art building, just getting some AC setup and we are ready to go. -Our partnership with Glassell School started, they will be working at the lab until their new building is complete. -Our Partnership with Texas Tech started this last Monday. Architecture students will be in during the days working on fun architectury projects.


-We will be offering a new art residency in concert with the expansion of the new building. Detail will be posted no later than the 15th of this month. -Maker Faire is coming up soon we will be attending and hosting lots of hands on events. -We will be starting to host new studio times in most areas to allow folks to get help with projects from experienced members or professionals. -There is a new CNC group that meets at the lab, check the calendar if interested the next meetup is September 17th.

All in all the lab continues to grow, gain members, have cool new projects, and build a more vibrant maker community in Houston. We are a unique institution and serve a vital role in Houston. I assume only more exciting things to come...