Master typing world languages on your keyboard with the help of Language Genies. This Windows application uses standard keyboards to type special characters without having to use complicated key combinations to type single characters. Languages Genies works by simply holding down existing keys a little longer to create new characters. For instance, in Valeria, the Spanish Letter Genie, a long-press of the 'n' key will produce the 'ñ' character.

Language Genies has launched a crowd funding campaign and is seeking your support. See demos, read more about how Language Genies work, and back the project on Kickstarter. Rewards include your very own Genie in Spanish, Vietnamese, Chinese, or even a custom designed Language Genie. Language Genies vary in size based on number of accents, letters, symbols, and punctuation in a language. Small Language Genies will cover most of the languages spoken in Europe and the Americas, Medium Genies should cover most of the languages spoken in India, Southeast Asia, the Middle East, and Africa, and large Genies will cover Chinese, Japanese, and Korean.

Dan Mailman, the creator of Language Genies, is a computer scientist, linguist, inventor, translator, editor, and TXRX Labs member. Share this project with others by visiting