Well 2014 is behind us, what happened of note at TX/RX? What can we expect in 2015?

2014 Happenings:

  • Expanded into the new 7000 sq ft Woodshop
  • Added the 2000 sq ft Craft Space
  • Taught over 224 Classes with an attendance of 1760 Students (more than double the number of classes taught in 2013)
  • Held 20+ Workshops for local kids with Houston Public Library and Children's Museum
  • Fabricated a Spark Park at Revere Middle School in conjunction with UH Architecture Dept.
  • Completed some cool projects: Deltabot, Solar Tracker Array, Lots of Furniture, Laser Projector
  • Held the LinuxCNC Fest
  • Added/upgraded some tools: 4x5 Laser Cutter, 4x8 router table, Form 1+, New Woodshop, New Lathes and mills, 5x12 plasma table, new welders, vacuum former, burnout ovens and kilns, powdercoat oven, spray etcher, plating line, EDM
  • Attended: Comicpalooza, Minimakerfaire, PopShop, HPL events, among others
  • Beta Tested 3d printers and received 25 of them for our educational program.

What's on tap for 2015?

  • Possible expansion to another 12000sqft of space
  • Addition of Pick and place, Reflow oven, tubing bender, SLS printer, Injection molder, Jewlery Work Station
  • Hopefully we will teach over 300 classes in 2015
  • Provide training in 3d printing and electronics for other educators
  • Expand to offer classes in conjunction with HPL and others for kids
  • More crazy and exciting projects

I think it has been a pretty impressive 2014 and, if its any indication of how 2015 is going to go, I am very excited. I hope everyone will come out and participate in all the cool stuff going on.

A special thanks to all the folks who volunteer their time to make this happen. I know many of you have come to teach classes, help with events or do work to make the lab a better place and I greatly appreciate that dedication to making TX/RX what I think is a pretty amazing place!!

Happy New Year! -Roland