TX/RX Labs is working on a really amazing project and we are excited to begin sharing it with the public. Our team of engineers and educators has designed a 3D printer from the ground up to maximize build speed and quality while still not sacrificing ease of use. We are pairing that with an amazing set of educator resources to make 3d printing part of an exciting math, science, and engineering curriculum for middle and high school students. This project will bring the excitement and tactile stimulation that helps students create lasting learning experiences to every school. Giving educators new means to engage students and show them the value of careers in math, science, technology, and engineering.

This project is still in development, but one of our earliest prototypes will be on display as a piece of the CTRL+P exhibition at the Houston Center for Contemporary Craft. This demonstration is part of our early outreach efforts to raise awareness of the projects, its possibilities and goals. This exhibition will run from May 31st to September 8th, 2013 and the schoolBOT will be continuously printing objects throughout the exhibition. More information about the exhibition can be found here.

Currently our team consists of:

Greg Southerland (Project Lead)
Jeff Hutchinson (Co-Project Lead & Mechanical)
Mark Sullivan (Controls)
Roland von Kurnatowski III (Software)
Chris Kelley (Fabrication)
Mike Reynolds (Fabrication)
Carol Schmidt (Fabrication)
with lots of support from other tx/rx members and contributors too numerous to list!

To gain further information about the project or to lend your support to this worthy cause please contact:

Team Delta
205 Roberts St.
Houston Tx, 77003

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Established in 2008, TXRX Labs is a non-profit hackerspace for the greater Houston area. Housed in the East End District, we offer courses in and access to our rapid prototyping lab, woodshop, machineshop, electronics lab, and a wide variety of other tools. Our goal is to educate the public about technology and show how seemingly complex techniques can be used by anyone. If you like what we do, please donate.

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