This past Friday, June 28, 2013, Space Nerds In Space, a multi-player cooperative networked starship simulator game by member Steve Cameron (that's me) was unleashed on unsuspecting fellow hackers and we all had lots of fun cooperatively blowing aliens out of the interstellar sky. Initially, we got off to a bit of a rough start due to a bug in the program (thanks to my shoddy programming) but after this initial false start, things went almost surprisingly smoothly. The game is still very much a work in progress, but nonetheless was quite entertaining even in its current, unfinished state. Here's a little video of some of the interstellar mayhem.

There's still a lot of work to do to finish up the game, but it seems to be an interesting concept and fun enough to be worth pursuing to completion. Players provided lots of great feedback about various aspects of game play. Special thanks to Jeremy Van Grinsven for his assistance setting up the computers to play the game, and for providing the necessary kick in the ass to get me to actually bring this in and show it off.

More info about Space Nerds In Space.

Source Code on github for Space Nerds In Space