We here at Tx/Rx Labs have been raising money to help us move into a new location through kickstarter.com. Check out our page at http://kck.st/d2plX0.

As luck would have it two Tx/Rx members have generously signed a lease for a warehouse location and have given us a very fair sublease.

We set a goal of $5000 and 2 months. We now have a little under a month and have more then $4000 to go. So to help things along we are starting to offer more rewards.

The first new reward is the Lightning Staff.

Regale your friends with how your hiking staff was struck by lightning one day. We promise not to tell them that it was really 6000V from a neon sign transformer.

A close up picture for your enjoyment.

The full photo set can be found at Flickr here.

Stay tuned for more rewards as the days go on.