Thanks to one of our members, Tx/Rx Labs has a new tool at its fingertips: a CNC-2520 from CNCDIY! One of our goals here at Tx/Rx Labs is to obtain bigger and better tools to enable Tx/Rx members to work on projects that would be hard to build at home and impossible in an apartment. The addition of the CNC-2520 represents an enormous step toward that goal.

Other than being mezmerized by the hum of the stepper motors and its graceful movement, we have started to do all of the normal things that people do right after getting their first CNC.

Drawing spriographs.

Breaking bits on said spriograph and in the process learning about things like feed rates. As always we live and learn.

Turning it into a make shift drawbot.

Milling our handles in wood.

And of course we had to mill out our logo.

There are a few ideas for more serious uses, which you will hopefully hear about soon.

Some resourses used: