Studio Projects are designed for members that have taken a workshop and are looking to practice their skills and make something fun! We understand that it can be tricky to dive right into making something after you've taken a workshop, and studio projects are here to make it a little easier! Each area has a kit[s] that contains all of the supplies to make the 6 projects in that area and vary in cost. We provide step by step guides that walk you through each project and because you'll make studio projects during studio hours, staff are available for assistance.

BEGINNING SATURDAY, APRIL 8th - Release Series One

Studio Project - Jewelry

Decorative Tiles

Jewelry + Metals
Dangle Earrings
Riveted Pendant

Picture Frame
Carved Utensils

Laser Cutting
Paint Inlay Coasters
Coaster Box

Desk Organizer

Studio Projects - Machining

Desk Organizers
Brass Scribe

Bike Gear Book Ends
Chain Wine Rack