Good News! There's a new addition to the TXRX team! Ali Saunders is our new Ceramics Instructor and Studio Technician. We're super excited to have Ali join our team and help expand our Ceramics and Art areas.

Why are you interested in Ceramics? How did you begin?
I’m interested in ceramics because it is multifaceted and because of the relationships that are formed working in the studio with others. I began ceramics because a friend invited me to a community ceramics studio where I got hooked.

What do you like most about ceramics?
I like that ceramics has many different processes that are part of creating. For instance, in making thrown work, there is throwing, trimming, decorating, and glazing. If you get tired of working in one part of the process you can move onto another.

What are you currently making?
Right now I am making teapots and cups. I have a set of teapots that I need to put handles on and a set of cups I need to decorate. I tend to work on a few things at once at various stages in the process of making.

Ali Vase

Where are your favorite places to go in Houston?
I like the montrose area and the museum district. I particularly like when there are international festivals, like the Italian and Greek festivals in that area.

Why are you most excited to work at TXRX Labs?
I am excited by the opportunity to learn about new media and new technologies. I am also excited by the environment and the chance to see what everyone is working on.

What do you do you when you’re not working?
I spend a lot of time with my family. I have a niece and two nephews who live in the area, so I see them as much as I can.

What motivates you?
In ceramics I am motivated to improve the connection between surface and form. For life, I am motivated to find ways to pursue the things that bring me the greatest enjoyment.

What are your favorite books?
My favorite book right now (that I am still finishing) is The White Road by Edmund de Waal. Its about the spread of porcelain from the East to Europe and the author’s attempt to uncover how the spread took place.

How did you hear about TXRX?
I heard about TXRX because of their connection with the Glassell School. I have taken classes for the past few years at the Glassell School and know people from the sculpture department who have gotten to use TXRX as part of their sculpture classes.

Ali 1

Want to take a workshop with Ali?

Intro to Clay - January 21st & 22nd from 11a - 3p / $75
Intro to Clay - February 4th & 5th from 1p - 5p / $75
Slab Construction - February 11th & 12th from 11a - 3p / $75
Glaze Workshop - February 18th from 11a- 2p / $30

More info and sign up here!