Howdy, just checking in with a lab update again, will try to keep this going monthly for as long as possible.

Hopefully summer is near over >.> and it will be cooling off.

Recent Events: We have started requiring badges for everyone in the lab at all times. If you haven't signed the paperwork to get yours please let me know so we can do that asap. This will include guests and visitors so if you bring a lab guest or visitor in then please make sure to find a staff member so we can get them a badge and the right paperwork.

The first bathroom has been completed, there are a couple small trim items left but we will be starting on the other bathroom soon (art space) and then do the women's bathroom inside the main building.

Had our first set of TIG classes which have been a long time coming.

We have added some new woodworking classes (table making, finishing, etc) and should have some exciting new ones in lumber selection and other skills.

Had a great co2 drag class at Edison middle school taught by Wanjun and Dan

Upcoming: New building is set to open in late august early september.

Classes with Glassel school start late aug/early sept.

Excitingly the water jet and press brake are nearing completion!

The new building will also house expanded foundry area

We obtained a new vacuum caster which should be installed in the coming month!

My Current Thoughts: All in all things are going along great, we have reached a steady point where we have a solid staff and our classes and facilities are humming along nicely. I believe that this clearly shows that the decisions and leadership in the past have placed us firmly on the correct track. We look to continue to expand our class offerings both in depth and breadth, continue to build a constant membership base who can develop their own skills and assist others, and increase our outreach through more programs and partnerships. I am excited as with the Lab doing as well as it is both in terms of community involvement and organizationally, I think it provides a base for us to grow and expand in the ways we would like to instead of having to struggle and make do as we have in the past. I also am personally excited about the general level of consistency that we have obtained. In the past organizational growing pains have been a constant source of turbulence but I believe we have reached a point of continuity where those who want to come to the lab and do work, build community, and complete projects can do so without having to struggle against obstacles etc. I hope that in the coming years all of us will be able to continue and grow our participation in the lab and its community. I also believe strongly that our actions are beginning to have a massive effect on the maker community in Houston of which we should be extremely proud.

-- -Roland