Students will learn the basics of airbrushing.

  • Proper cleaning and maintenance of the tool
  • Assembly and deconstruction
  • How to use the airbrush
  • Control and precision
  • Spray techniques
  • Gradients and blending colors
  • How to plan accordingly
  • Color theory
  • Working with Frisket paper and stencils
  • Assignments
  • Control exercises to develop technique

Students will gain the opportunity to become familiar with airbrushing techniques, adding another tool to their art arsenal. Class structure is open and welcomes the student plenty of time to experiment during the course. The student is welcomed to bring in any inspirations they wish to paint from.

* Fee Notes: Includes all supplies

Requirements: Student should wear the appropriate attire that is OK to get paint on. Ventilator masks are optional but will be available.

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