Paint Booth Basics: Painting and Finishing

Always wanted to know how to finish projects like a pro. Learn the basics of the paint booth from sanding to priming to color to clear coat, this class will cover how to apply automotive grade finishes with an HVLP gun. This class also serves as a checkout for usage of the paint booth on your own. Topics Covered: Safety Paint Booth Operation HVLP gun usage and maintenance Finishing selection Surface preparation Priming Wet Sanding Base Coat Clear Coating Cut and Buff

Each participant will prep and paint their own sample piece to take home with them.

This is a 2 day class (4 hours per class) with overview/sanding/priming on day one and color/clear/cut on day two. Participants mush attend both days. Full face respirator and bunny suit is included in class price for each student. Only S/M/L/XL/XXL suits and S/M/L masks are stocked. If you have your own equipment you may request a refund of the $42.50 equipment fee.

* Fee Notes: All materials Included

Requirements: Close toed shoes, NIOSH Certified Full Face Respirator, Bunny Suit

Prerequisites: None

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