CNC Mill + CAM

Use of the CNC Mill is critical for producing higher tolerance and more complex machined parts. Students who have completed the manual mill class will learn basic CAM skills using Fusion 360 such as CNC feed and speed calculations and tool path selection along with basic control operation.

This is a 4 day class, you must attend all 4 sessions.

-Day 1- CAM basics, Machine Control Basics, Facing and Profiling (4 hrs)

-Day 2- Drilling and Pocketing (4 hrs)

Day 3- 3d Toolpaths and Workholding (4 hrs)

Day 4- Tapping and Review (4 hrs)

* Fee Notes: All materials Included

Requirements: Closed toed shoes, natural fibers with no loose clothing

Prerequisites: Fusion 360 CAD, Basic Machine Shop Technology - Mill

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