Welding II: Lamp Build

Project based continuation of Welding I. This class covers usage of critical tools like chop saws, grinders, bandsaws, etc. These tools will be used to construct a lamp for each student. This is a great class for students interested in building furniture, gaining basic fabrication techniques, and guidance on how to finish and seal metal surfaces after welding. Each session is limited to 6 participants to ensure personalized instruction and practice. The skills practiced will help any individual be able to tackle a real welding project. Participates will build a lamp during class.

Topics Covered:

-Day 1: Students will get to design their lamp shade on Illustrator and cut it out using the plasma cutting table. This class will give students access to the plasma cutting table during studio hours. (Will still need to get checked out later on by Lou or Levi)

-Day2: Measuring, cutting, drilling (Horizontal Bandsaw, Abrasive Chop Saw, Dry Cut Saw, drill press) Sanding and Grinder uses (Angle Grinder (hard, flap, cut off, and wire wheel) Belt Sander, Bench Grinder)

-Day 3: Refresher on basic MIG welding techniques. Tips on how to blend and finish metal after welding. Painting the lamp shade and setting up the electrical.

*You do not need to be be a member to participate.

TXRX members gain access to Welding Shop Studio Hours after completion of the course. After studio hours attendance they will also be approved to work in Welding Shop without guidance.

Requirements: Closed toed leather work boots, long sleve shirt, long pants (natural fibers).

Prerequisites: Welding I: MIG

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