Flour, Water, Salt, Time: An Introduction to Sourdough Baking

Before you could buy yeast at the store - you cultivated it yourself at home. Learn the centuries old technique of cultivating wild yeasts and bacteria to create stunning, healthy, natural, artisanal breads. Using only flour, water, salt and time, participants will learn how to create and maintain their own sourdough starters and leave ready to bake their first loaves of the world's greatest bread in their own home kitchens. Class will feature discussion of the history of sourdough, making sourdough starters, discussion of tools and ingredients, and a kneading demonstration to get hands on experience with how dough should feel during the kneading process.

Sarah Rodriguez Arvidsson operates Homebaked Hembakat (https://www.homebakedhembakat.com/) - an East End home bakery specializing in Swedish cakes and cookies as well as artisanal sourdoughs. Homebaked Hembakat is also home to Houston's only sourdough hotel - where Sarah cares for sourdough starters while bakers are away from town. She bakes almost daily and has years of experience making breads in the home kitchen. She is super passionate about sourdoughs and excited to share her knowledge. She is also happy to make herself available to participants after class to help to diagnose issues and provide support so participants make the most mind-blowing breads of their lives.

NOTE: This class is hosted at Finca Tres Robles urban farm located at 257 N Greenwood St, Houston, TX 77011. Please email classes@fincatresrobles.org with any questions.

Weather Cancellation Policy: Classes may be cancelled by Finca Tres Robles in the case of severe weather; however classes will not automatically be cancelled due to rain. Please stay in contact with farm staff if concerned about weather. Classes will be rescheduled as necessary.

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