V-Carve for CNC Engraving and Inlays

Take your woodworking to the next level with the use of V-Carve Pro V-Carve is the preferred software for CNC engraving using v bit engraving tools, and is also the main software used for doing complex yet rapid inlay work using their specialized matched milling inlay method. This class will walk you through using v-carve pro for these purposes.

This is a 4 day class, you must attend all 4 sessions.

-Day-1 v carve basics w/ simple v bit engraving and cnc machine operation (3 hrs)

-Day-2 v carve matched inlay (3 hrs)

-Day-3 carve matched inlay finishing (2 hrs)

Students will perform individual small projects inline with the templates provided by the instructor.

* Fee Notes: All material costs covered

Requirements: close toed shoes, natural fibers w/o loose clothing, shop attire

Prerequisites: None

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