Knowing your Wines: Sparkling Wines of the World

"My only regret in life is that I did not drink more champagne.” -John Meynard Keynes.

Don’t have regrets, come out and learn about all the great sparkling wines of the world. Let Dr. Chris Taylor, the University of Houston’s wine professor, guide you on a journey through the bubbles, with tastings from Champagne to Prosecco. Once a celebratory beverage, sparkling wines are on the rise as people learn how perfect they are for all kinds of foods and emotions. After all, Coco Chanel may have said it best, “I only drink champagne on two occasions: when I am in love, and when I am not."

NOTE: This class is hosted at Finca Tres Robles urban farm located at 257 N Greenwood St, Houston, TX 77011. Please email with any questions.

Weather Cancellation Policy: Classes may be cancelled by Finca Tres Robles in the case of severe weather; however classes will not automatically be cancelled due to rain. Please stay in contact with farm staff if concerned about weather. Classes will be rescheduled as necessary._

Requirements: Since alcohol is involved, all students must be 21 & older

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