Ceramics II: Basic Mold Making and Slipcasting

Learn the basics of ceramic mold making and slip casting: create a one part mold and learn how to use it to make a slip cast ceramic object.

In this class, you will learn about mixing and pouring plaster, how to prepare and complete a one part plaster mold, and how to use this plaster mold to slip cast ceramic objects.

This class is for individuals who have taken ceramics I and want to learn a great way to create ceramic multiples or objects difficult to form with other techniques.

Students will leave this class with:

  • A one part plaster mold that can be used for additional slip casting
  • Slip cast ceramic objects that can be picked up after they are bisque fired

Students may also bring an object they would like to make a mold of if it can be made into a one part mold. If students are uncertain, they can bring their object and the instructor will assess whether their object is suitable.

Prerequisite: Ceramics I

* Fee Notes: includes all materials + first-firing

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