Kombucha Beer, Quick Country Wine & Wild Homebrews

Love the taste of Kombucha and homebrew? Why not combine the two? Love a good sour lambic, and want to brew like Cantillon (a monastic brewery in Brussels)? Ever think making beer takes too much fancy equipment and time sterilizing? In this introductory class, learn a method of brewing that encourages wild probiotics to join your brew, increasing its health benefits and allows you to shape the taste to your liking. In this class we will make Kombucha Beer, Country Wine and other homebrews.

Kombucha Beer (Booch Hooch) - This is kombucha that has been converted to beer. Beer yeast, hops, and sugar are added to finished kombucha to increase the alcohol content, but keep the characteristics of the kombucha.

Country Wine - This is a flexible fermentation process that takes simple ingredients and makes an alcoholic wine. All you need is a seasonal fruit, sweetener, and water. No yeast is added, as wild yeast exists on the fruit and in the air. Thus a lambic (sour) flavor is achieved without needing to purchase pre-packaged yeast. Wild yeast produces flavors and aromas that are unlike anything you have tried before. So be brave and try the wild world of open ferments. I had the good fortune of visiting Cantillon last year and was pleased to note that these wild ferments are not far off in flavor from their 1 year barrel aged brews.
Past flavors: Sweet Potato Orange Pecan, Apple and Pear, Hibiscus Lemon, Peach and Plum, Carrot and Celery and many more.

Instructor: Andrew Cobb has been teaching fermentation in the Houston area for a few years. He focuses on Wild Yeast/Bacteria Fermentation as taught by Sandor Katz. His classes are engaging, passionate, informative and eye opening. For him, teaching fermentation in the city is a chance to celebrate and appreciate the wisdom of folks who live off the land and understand that their knowledge is as valuable as what is taught in universities.

10% of the proceeds to this class current indigenous resistance projects and movements. In the past this money has gone to Two Rivers Camp, AIDA and Survival International. These groups champion tribal peoples and defend their land and culture. As we celebrate their wisdom in our class we will also be sending support for their way of living to continue.

NOTE: This class is hosted at Finca Tres Robles urban farm located at 257 N Greenwood St, Houston, TX 77011. Please email classes@smallplaces.org with any questions.

Weather Cancellation Policy: Classes may be cancelled by Finca Tres Robles in the case of severe weather; however classes will not automatically be cancelled due to rain. Please stay in contact with farm staff if concerned about weather. Classes will be rescheduled as necessary.

Requirements: Since alcohol is involved, all students must be 21 and older

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