Brazing I

Always wanted to be able to braze materials together for that quick repair or fabrication task but got stuck with all the theory, equipment details, or consumable choices? This class will demystify brazing and allow you to start utilizing it as part of your fabrication process. Class will cover safety and usage of basic brazing tools, a review of brazing theory, and, of course, lots of hands on brazing practice to make sure you have the skill down. Brazing is a great simple and easy way to attach dissimilar metals, connect thin of complex structures where welding would lead to warping or other issues. Brazing can also be done in many cases with extremely cheap and available equipment unlike specialized welding machines. Students will leave with the hands on know how to make sure they can use brazing in their next project or repair job!

Welding experience helpful but not required.

Completion of this Workshop grants TXRX Members access to Welding Shop Studio Hours.

Personal Protection Requirements Long sleeve work shirt, long work pants, work boots. Helmets and gloves will be provided.

Environment Notes Students must be ready for a shop environment, which may include heat or cold, and light exertion and standing for extended periods.

* Fee Notes: All material costs covered

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