Responsive Electronics Tech Camp

Kids will learn skills to use the most important electronic device in everyday life – the microprocessor. Students will make bookmarks that let them read at night, add blinking lights to their backpacks or bicycles, and allow clothing to sense someone approaching and greet them with a recorded message. In the process, the basics concepts of circuit design – polarity, wiring, amperage, and power will be learned. Students will also gain knowledge to use sensors connected to microprocessors to respond to stimuli with LED lights, speakers, and servo-motors. Not only will students leave with the ability to add electronics to clothing, artwork, and household items, but they will gain the insight to deconstruct the electronic devices they encounter on a daily basis.

TXRX and Pop Shop will be running simultaneous, semi-collaborative camps for two weeks this summer. The first week of camp is for 9-12 year olds and the second week of camp is for 12-15 year olds. Each week has a Craft Camp track with Pop Shop America and a Tech Camp track with TXRX Labs. Kids will choose either craft or tech, but camps will do multiple activities together that blend craft and tech in a fun way.

Requirements: This camp is for kids ages 9-12

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