Cyanotype Under the Oaks

Join us to explore the farm on a sunny spring day, and take home lovely blue images of what you discover! This family friendly hands-on class allows you to creatively play with their vegetables and make cyanotype photograms. We will look at the shapes of leaves, and have scissors available to create new forms from them. The class will emphasize taking time to contemplate how produce looks, while creating images and learning some of the history of photographic process.

Invented by Sir John Herschel in 1842, the cyanotype medium is one of the first photographic printmaking processes, known for its Prussian blue color. Anna Atkins created one of the first photography books compiled of beautiful delicate photograms of British algae and other plants.

Instructor: Ceci Norman is a photographer and filmmaker who emphasizes the role art has in communities. She works as a teaching artist with The Houston Center for Photography and Aurora Picture Show with residencies at Texas Children’s Hospital and various community centers and schools.

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