Camera Building: 8X10 Pinhole

A pinhole camera is the basic unit of photography. In essence, they’re a box with a tiny hole in it. This simplicity allows for maximum customization and experimentation. Aside from not requiring a lens pinhole cameras are unique for their infinite depth of field (everything is in focus) and their very small focal length (super wide angle).

In this class, students will build, shoot with and develop photographs with their own pinhole camera to take home. We will photograph directly on silver gelatin photographic paper and by the end of the class, students will have their own 8X10 photographs ready to hang on the wall.

The class is broken into four parts.
1) Building the camera - TXRX will provide plans and laser cut parts to build the camera as well as a precision drilled pinhole lens.
2) Shooting with the camera - students will learn to shoot and load the camera as well as calibrating the exposure.
3) Developing the image - We will be shooting directly onto a variety of silver photographic paper, students will learn the very basic workflow for developing, fixing and washing a photograph, without the need for a darkroom.
4) Customization - after learning the basics students will get a primer on the different ways the camera and lens can be tweaked to get a myriad of effects.

This class will be great for anyone interested in optics, for those who want a better introduction/understanding of analog photography and for anyone who just loves experimenting and building their own tools.

* Fee Notes: includes the cost of materials, laser cut pinhole camera, photographic paper and photo chemistry.

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